Madness is a place

I'm going mad and I'm not going to pretend for even a second that I'm not enjoying every moment

Currently baby sitting and all i want to do it go and check on the baby every five seconds.

Heaven help me.

Feel like complete rubbish.. So my steps tonight for feeling better 
Step one: take pain killers and drink something with sugar in it 
Step two: End up looking like a lobster in a bubble bath that is far too hot
Step three: read a good book 
Step four: do some more wedding planning 
Step five: pass out like a baby in bed by half nine.

Go plan go !!!

For a split second I felt like everything was going good and that I was actually able to be happy.
Then all of a sudden I get punched in the face with the reality that I’m not worth any consideration or a second thought.

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My heart …

My heart …

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Feeling positive for the first time in months, heck yes. keep going !!! Smiles all round :D




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There are some days when I wish that i could turn out all the lights and sleep in the dark for a hundred years. 
Then there are others when I need to turn on every single light to feel the warmth. 
I’m not sure what today is….
But what ever today is, it feels like a content day.


have a shitty comic filled with all my emotion

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"Sorry, dad"

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